Friday, September 25, 2009

New York Passes Major Energy Efficiency Legislation - New Mexico Should Too

Recently the New York State Assembly passed outstanding legislation aimed at tackling one of the toughest problems we face in the energy arena: how to make buildings more efficient. According to the New York Times, "the bill would enable state energy regulators to loan out funds to cover the upfront costs of improving the energy efficiency of a home or business — as much as $13,000 for residential customers and as much as $26,000 for qualifying businesses. The loan would then be paid back through monthly deductions culled from the energy savings arising from the retrofit." The entire article can be found HERE.

After the last session of our New Mexico Legislature, I think we could get something similar done here. Renewable energy is popular in the legislature, and a measure like the one passed by New York would likely do well. Stay tuned.

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ROMA said...

Mr. Egolf,

That sounds great.

Speaking of renewable energy. I placed a solar array in my yard last year and now am being harrassed by the Eldorado Architectural committee. They claim they can force me to plant 3-4 trees on the east and west side of the array which I must maintain. They recommended Austrian Pine which grow to 35 to 50 feet tall. My array tracks the sun and this would substantially reduce my arrays capabilities. They also want the trees to be 6 feet tall to start out which would cost me between $150 to $200 per tree not to mention the amount of labor and water they would require.

I emailed you last week and am asking you here to help me in my fight to stop the ECIA's restrictive behavior when it comes to solar arrays.

Please help.
Rick Canby