Friday, January 22, 2010

Effort to Move New Mexico's Money to Local Banks Goes National!

This week I introduced a bill, House Bill 66, that would start the process of moving New Mexico's $1.4 billion main account (it's like our state's checking account) from Bank of America to community banks and credit unions around the state.

So far I've gotten great responses, and today the Huffington Post picked up the story. You can read it HERE.

If we succeed in moving our money, we will be able to make a HUGE investment in our state and in the community banks and credit unions that do so much for regular folks statewide. This investment by the state will greatly expand the access to credit that so many need and will also keep New Mexico's money in New Mexico, where it belongs.

Yuo can follow the progress of the bill HERE.


Gayle said...

As an individual I have my money in a Credit Union & have sent the Move your money video to my email contacts.
If the state of New Mexico is able to Move 'our' money it will set an example and send a clear message to the banksters. Great idea, let's do it!

blahblah said...

I applaud your efforts to move our money into local banks!

hobbsteaparty said...

Brian, thank you for this great idea. New Mexico banking institutes deserve our money and our support.