Monday, February 25, 2008

Why this election is so important.

Since the beginning of my campaign I've talked about the importance of having members of the legislature who look beyond the end of their two or four years terms in office and instead look twenty years down the road. We will only succeed as a state - and a nation - when our elected leaders have a clear vision of a sustainable future and a clear plan for how to get there.

Ever since Cameron's birth, I have been struck by how much more important the campaign has become to me. When I look into her eyes, I cannot help but feel an even deeper obligation to serve and to try to make New Mexico a better place. I always knew how important it is to serve and to work for a better future, but now I feel it in a stronger and more profound way than ever before.

So, this campaign has truly become a campaign about our children and about the future we will leave for them. I simply cannot stand by and hope that the future will be one with safe schools, clean water, and good jobs. I owe it to Cameron - and all of New Mexico's children - to work every day to make that vision a reality.

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