Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fantastic Volunteer Effort!

On Sunday, March 16, sixteen volunteers braved some of the windiest and nastiest weather Santa Fe has seen in a long time to go door-to-door throughout District 47 and help me get on the ballot by collecting signatures on my nominating petition.

Here's a photo of the crew, including little Cameron in her campaign T-shirt:

The volunteer support for the campaign has been, and continues to be, amazing. Over the last four weekends, over thirty people have devoted over 120 hours to the campaign going door to door for petition signatures. In addition to the door-to-door effort, many people have been collecting signatures on their own throughout Santa Fe. This show of support is truly humbling, and I am incredibly grateful to all those who have contributed to the effort.

Filing day is less than 48 hours away. When it comes time to file, I will be turning in signatures from every precinct in the district, and the vast majority of the signatures were collected at voters' doors. It was a big task that took a lot of time and planning, but there is no better way to earn support from voters than to meet them at their door and to personally ask for their help.

The experience of meeting voters at their front doors has been an experience I could not have imagined before the campaign began. I can think of no greater motivation for my campaign than the feeling that comes from listening to people tell their stories and express their support in personal meetings at their homes. There is also no better way to learn the concerns of voters or to learn about a legislative district than walking door-to-door. The people of District 47 are truly amazing in the depth of their passion for progressive change and the breadth of their knowledge and experiences. I will truly be an honor to represent them if I am fortunate enough to win the upcoming election.

Thanks for your time and interest in the campaign. Stay tuned for the final tally on the number of signatures we have on my petition...

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