Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Unopposed -- THANK YOU!

I have just returned home from the County Clerk's office, and have great news to share: I am unopposed on the June 3 Primary Ballot!

This new is thanks to all my supporters' hard work going door-to-door over the past six months, all the house parties, and all the great work circulating my nominating petition. I added up all the numbers this morning, and I found that we had more than fifty volunteers spend over 120 hours going door to door to get nominating signatures. This number is incredibly humbling, and I owe all of them a huge debt of gratitude.

We have a few photos of filing below. I hope you like them:

Kelly & me walking into the Clerk's office:

Cameron & me with my nominating signatures & declaration:

Me & Cameron handing my signatures & declaration to Denise Lamb, Santa Fe's great elections director.

Finally, here are me & Kelly learning that I did not draw a primary opponent or a Republican challenger:

Thanks to all of you again!

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ella said...

And the winner is the State of New Mexico! Brian will do us all proud. Way to go!