Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fiesta Parade 2009

This year's annual Fiesta Parade was a lot of fun and saw a huge crowd come out from all over norther New Mexico. As always, the political and campaign floats were a major presence, and for the second year, my campaign was there.

The first step of a successful Fiesta Parade march is the purchase of the candy that we had out to the kids along the route. Here are Kelly & Cameron with this year's candy:

We practically emptied Target's candy aisle! The candy almost lasted through the end of the parade; we'll need more next year.

Just like last year, we decorated the truck with my campaign signs, streamers, balloons, etc.:

Our friend, and long-time Santa Fean, Helen Sanchez rode in the bed to load our walkers' candy bags:
(Photo by LeRoy Sanchez)

Before the parade started, former Lt. Gov. Roberto Mondragon and I chatted for a few minutes:

(Photo by LeRoy Sanchez)

Kelly & Cameron were real troopers:
(Photo by LeRoy Sanchez)

Here I am with the police chief and a few other officers along the way:
(Photo by LeRoy Sanchez)

All together, I walked with fifteen supporters. Here we are crossing through the Plaza:

(Photo by LeRoy Sanchez)

We had a great time and are looking forward to next year.

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