Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Three New Bills

I introduced three new bills today.

This first requires insurance companies to cover cancer treatment for children, including experimental & clinical trials, regardless of insurance company formularies or other policies. If passed and signed by the Governor, children in New Mexico will be able to get the cancer care they need so long as their doctors thinks they will benefit.

The second will prevent wasteful government printing and mailing of annual reports, calendars, updates, etc. The bill states that there shall be no unsolicited mailing of bound materials in excess of five pages by any state agency, division, board, commission, etc. There is also a penalty for a violation of the law - any cabinet secretary or division director who violates the law will get a ten percent salary reduction.

The third bill creates a new state fund to be used for the purchase of documents and literary works of historical significance to the state that would otherwise be lost to private collections.

The Legislature's website will update this evening to reflect the new bills I introduced today. You can find my bills HERE.

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